Bitten By The Wolf

An early version of this song recorded live at Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, MA.  March 2018.


Oh, Brother Mine

Performed at the 2016 Maine Songwriters Association song contest finals at Frontier in Brunswick, Maine


Another Sparrow

Another sparrow fell from the sky….a song inspired by a pile of hypodermic needles found by the side of the road; licking a wound down deep in your soul, trying to fill up the hole.


Joy and Laughter

Uplifting song reminds us that joy and laughter are all around us. Accompanied by Jenna Limbo on guitar and vocals.


Lac Magantic

Based on the tragic events that happened in the town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec Canada, where a train carrying crude oil derailed and devastated the town.


Sliver of Light

A story about how a tragedy can become a catalyst for change, self reflection and moving forward.


The Cuckoo

Ruth performs “The Cuckoo”,  a traditional English folk song with Andy Buckland, Ellie Buckland, and Wendy Oakley.


Pinecone Angel

Written and performed by Ruth Hill. This song can be found on “The Longest Night of the Year, Volume 1” from Hudson-Harding Music. 2018


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