There’s a scent of you that lingers
Hints of lavender and rain
There’s a photo of the girls we used to be
Edges torn and stained

One day your father found my letters
The secret of our love betrayed
I stood shattered at the window
And I watched you walk away

Chorus: If you ever call my name out loud
If I ever hear the sound
I’ll find the fastest way I know
To get back to that God forsaken town

All our promises left broken
As we ripped out at the seams
All the gifts I ever gave you
Your sister gave them back to me

Word travels fast through narrow-minded streets
No one would look me in the eye
From the backseat of a greyhound
I whispered my goodbye


I’m staring out beyond the pasture
My daughter’s hand tugs at mine
I’d never trade this life that saved me
But you still haunt this heart of mine


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