I’ve got a pocketful of chirping birds, they go wherever I go
Got a head full of dreams, a tank full of gas
Big Mama Thornton on the radio
I used to walk for miles out on the range just to hear a discouraging word
Now I’m riding high with a genuine smile and a pocketful of chirping birds

I ain’t gonna cry no more at all
Ain’t lookin’ up waitin’ for the sky to fall
Don’t need the King’s horses or the the king’s men
I put myself back together again

Now I’m dancing in the pouring rain splashing in puddles like a child
I’ve open the gates, torn down the fence, I’m just lettin’ it all grow wild
I’m a little older, maybe a little wiser, something inside of me has changed
I’m twirling my arms up over my head dancing in the pouring rain.


I’m shining from the inside out, limitless and free
I forgave him, I forgave her, then I forgave me
I took load after load to the Goodwill store, makes me wanna sing and shout!
Lighter than breath, right here, right now, I’m shining from the inside out


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