I break the stones. Swing a hammer all day. Days like weeks, little pay
Pay all goes to the company store. Black book says still owe more

In the bamboo shack where I was born, Mamma’s screams were silenced
By the boom of blasting rock ringing in her ear
Eyes a ‘water from dust and wind, arm’s aching from hammering
She whispered Krishna’s name and dried my tears

Chorus (Starting w “She broke”)

No matter rain or scorching sun like her shadow I was bound
To the fumes of cooking tar and the heaps of gravel
I asked her once where’s this road go? She said “Somewhere, I suppose
Tethered dreams are all I know of travel”.

Chorus (Starting w “She broke”)

The years were crushed and chipped and rolled melted into asphalt
Now my own child’s wrapped in hide to scare the cold
Nights when I’m too tired to stand another mother lends a hand
We live, we breed, we die on this endless road

And yet we laugh and yet we sing
And yet we dare to dream of better things

Chorus (Starting with “We”)

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