Teaming up with the fabulous Jenna Lindbo for a few shows!

“One part wise old woman and one part goofy little kid, singer-songwriter Jenna Lindbo is going to find a way to your heart. It’s only a matter of time. An Oregon native, Jenna travels the country, inspiring audiences from Asheville to Anchorage with her rootsy folk songs and infectious joy. Along the way she keeps meeting folks who love to hear her music, soak up the effervescent energy of her shows, and get smacked upside the heart.”
At a recent songwriting retreat, I had the good fortune of meeting Jenna and she quickly found a way to my heart. Jenna came for the Thanksgiving holiday and spent a few days with us here at the farm. We shared meals, music, stories and laughter, played with kit cats, goats and chickens, hauled wood and decided to do a few shows together! I’m very excited to perform with Jenna. She is truly a joy to be around onstage and off and she is a seriously great songwriter and performer.
Please come out and see us!
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