Ruth Hill is a talented multi-instrumentalist with an achingly clear voice who delivers her own eclectic mix of Americana/Folk. A musical storyteller inspired by the gritty joy of growing up in a large, colorful family, and a wandering spirit that’s taken her to both poles of the globe, she sings her heart out in beautiful melodies and hard-hitting lyrics. Her songs are a feather in the wind, a mason jar of moonshine, a spin on the Tilt-a-Whirl–exciting your imagination and opening the doors to your own heart.

Ruth’s new CD, Reunion Of Broken Parts has arrived!

New CD In this collection of 12 stories, told through voice, guitar, cello, mandolin, and banjo, the brokeness in ourselves and our world is transformed into a sweet sounding wholeness. - free web fonts download. See this Wordpress fonts plugin